Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the beginning...

Having settled on, what I consider, an appropriately alliterative 'blog' name, I'm now left with little else to do but to think that perhaps documenting my life and photographic interests on the internet wasn't such a great idea after all. However, I've got past that now reasoning, no one's making you read this, and yet, perhaps you are, so I must be doing something right. This small encouragement has thus convinced me to give it a crack and see what comes of it. So here I am, joining the millions of others in the self-absorbed realm of the blogosphere.
I've been taking photos of things for a good while now and, for no rhyme or reason, I've even managed to make a petty sum of money out of it. I think mostly I take photos of people, I like to try to catch those moments that people don't really notice but look good if you manage to capture them on film. You know the kind I mean. Here for example is a picture I took of my mum in the mountains of Switzerland.

Tis but a simple shot, but I feel this kind of thing is much more pleasing to view than 1000 shots of your gormlessly grinning mates taken on a night out. This was one of the shots on the first roll of film (Ilford HP5 400) through my new Nikon FM2n which was generously gifted to me by my girlfriend Margi this yule. It's a lovely thing and I'm extremely fond of its mechanical insides and its basic function. Whilst I'm also an avid user of my digital SLR, using it I'm able to convince myself that I'm "getting back to basics" and seemingly I enjoy that kind of thing.

I think that's enough senseless drivel for now so, dear reader, I shall return later with more useless prattle interspersed with a bit of photography.

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